Year End Points: 3 or fewer in the class awards 1st with 3 place points, 4 or more in the class, 1st gets 6 place points. The +1 is the added Participation Point which is earned for showing up and participating in at least some part of the event. You get this point even if you E.

We will post a Year End Points Chart after the ADT 2, which will show your accumulating points during the series. To Qualify for a prize at year end, you must attend two of the events in the series, and finish at least 1 event without an E to have a chance to place 1st in your class. Prizes are awarded through 6 places. Place points for the best 4 finishes are totaled for year end plus all your participation points.

NOTE: In May, the Board and some of the organizers had a conference, and decided we would add a VSE Multiples class at Preliminary Level. For A.J.,  one Vse Multiple showed against the Single VSE at Preliminary level, so we are moving that entry to the new class and redoing the placing of the Singles. Results now listed here are revised, and a few mistakes made in giving year end points have been fixed. (Failed to include E’d competitors in the class size for determining points for 1st, etc.)

VSE Results

Download (PDF, 78KB)

Horse and Pony Results

Download (PDF, 84KB)