The following entries have been received as of 1/19/18:

Intermediate Horse

Mary Jane Atonna and SL Mack

Bridget Phillips and Ully

Eileen Davis and Pinegrove’s Sailor Boy

Intermediate Pony

Helen Atwill and Jazz

Intermediate VSE

Monica Phillips and Miss America

Preliminary Horse

Marcia Fetherston and Diva

Kevin Fetherston and Diamond

Bridget Phillips and Cruiser

Preliminary Pony

Donna Sicherman and Ditto

Sheri Kalfas-Jaggers and Fyre Dragon Fortune

Carol Norris and Hailey

Bretta Crump and Ebony

Jessica Mybeck and Berboni

Preliminary Multiples

Steve Remus and Actuary & Kahloa   (tamdem)

Susan Mason and Kahn, Walter, Iles and Gem (VSE 4-up)

Julie Mitchell and Legado /Cadet (pair ?)

Preliminary VSE

Delight Craddock and AD Rebel Icon

Corliss Jenkins-Sherry and My Little Marshmellow

Marie Mason and MuShu The Dragon

Becky Blankenship and Raider

JoAnne Souza and Joker

Training Horse

Barb Lunsmann and Mikey

Don Grubb and Dream

Training Pony

Donna Lutter and Okan Ravyn

Elaine Cole and Lulu

Sheree Riggs and Mr. B

Training Pony Green Driver

Jamie Campbell and Missy

Training VSE

Delight Craddock and SI Imagination

Cherryl Jackson and Desert Garden’s Morning Moonshine

Vicki Huff and Denim

Training VSE Multiples

JoAnne Souza and Chardonnay/Marcus (pair)

Ron Souza and Noah/Cocoa/BJ/Dancer (4-up)