Any new ADTs must be approved by the ADT Committee and ADCS board.

The host facility must follow the rules and guidelines set by the ADCS ADT committee. There shall be no exceptions.

Number of events: Attempts will be made to schedule at least six events in the series. There could be more, with Board approval, if more event organizers come forward. If an event needs to be canceled, any change of location needs to be approved by the ADT committee.

Divisions, levels and classes are determined at the beginning of each series by the ADT committee. Classes offered can not be changed mid series, and all classes need to be included in every ADT in the series.

All participants (drivers) in ADCS sponsored events must be current ADCS members. Grooms, navigators, etc. may be non members of ADCS. All must sign a release at each event.

Entry fees are set at $45 per entry. A person going HC must be a member and pay the full fee.

On other than the dressage field, the host facility must not allow participants to practice on the course once it has been set up, whether it is the day before or a week before. A competitor will be eliminated from that event if found to violate this rule.

The ADS Rulebook Appendix CD-B, Section 3 covers the cones course and should be followed as much as possible, with discretionary decisions left to the organizers. Organizers are reminded, however, that most competitors will have little time to study a course in person, and this should be taken into account with the design. Very difficult or hard to follow routes should be avoided.

There shall be a dressage judge and a TD at every event. The selected TD shall be a person with competition experience at a CDE and shall have available and be familiar with the ADS rulebook.

The TD’s responsibilities, among others assigned by the Organizer, shall include:
+ reviewing the course prior to starting the event and performing a safety check of each entry.
+ briefing of volunteers
+ ensure approved ADT forms are used and understood
+ the judge at a hazard shall notify the TD immediately any time a person E’s in a hazard to allow the TD to review the decision, if need be.
+ The TD should be available to monitor and assist during all activities taking place during the event.

Suggested fee schedule: Judges: under 25 competitors- $150, 25 or more competitors -$175.
TD: $150. If any official, whether charging a fee or not, is traveling an unusual distance to an event, a reasonable mileage fee my be paid and shall be shown in the event budget. In general mileage shall be $25 for non local travel up to 50 miles and $50 for over 50 miles.

If an ADT is held in conjunction with another event and uses an official who requires a fee greater than this standard, such fee beyond these amounts and other costs for that official must be born by the other activity.

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