ADT stands for Arena Driving Trial, but for ADCS, it stands for Arizona Driving Trial as we have adapted some of the rules to better serve us.  This is usually a one day competition with most of the elements of a 3 day combined driving event (CDE).

A dressage test is driven, a cones course is negotiated, and finally, a hazards or obstacles course completes the event. There is no full fledged marathon section. There are usually fewer hazards/obstacles compared to a CDE.  If set in an arena, there may only be two obstacles, driven twice. If at a site with permanent obstacles, usually only four are used.

The ADCS usually holds a series of six ADT competitions each year. They are at various locations throughout the state. The club tracks points earned based on the results of each individual ADT,  and awards Year End Awards in each class, through 6th place. Club members must compete with the same equine, at the same level, in two ADT events to be eligible for a year end award. Up to four placings will be used in the point totals – fewer if fewer are attended.

An awards banquet is held after the final ADT of the series. Usually, it is held in conjunction with the yearly Christmas Party and General Meeting.

See the Calendar or ADCS Sponsored Events in the Menu for the list of upcoming ADT events. The event information page will have the Entry Form and event particulars approximately one month prior; one week prior, the Hazard and Cones maps are posted for download.

For the most recent copy of the ADCS – ADT Rules, go to this link.

Visit this link if you are thinking about organizing an ADT.