2020 ADT #5 At Atonna's in Paulden

Event Information

This event will actually be the fourth ADT in the current time line; its original date was after ADT #4. ADT #4 has been rescheduled after this event in the new timeline. We keep the original event numbers for both of these events because all the paper work for the original #4 is already labeled.

Location: Atonna's in Paulden, driving directions will be sent to all entered.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 19th, 2020


Entry Form: Check back, entry will be posted on August 15. Three options for entering will be available:


1)  Download the pdf Entry and mail it with your check. The pdf form may also be emailed out with or without a new Newsletter.


2)  Go to the Online Enter - Pay by Check Form (link below) and fill out the Entry Form and submit it right here through the web site. Then mail your check for your fees. Just be sure to reference the driver and equine on the check, especially if someone other than the driver is writing that check.

3)  Go to the Enter Online AND Pay Online Form (link below) and fill out the entry. Your total fees are added automatically on the Submit Button, and when you hit submit, your Entry will be sent to the organizer and you will be taken to a PayPal site and will pay your fees there. *Transaction fees are included if you pay online. 

Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by Sept. 12, 2020


Dressage Judge: Lois Whittington

Technical Delegate: Gary Gang


Dressage Tests: ADS Training Test #1, Preliminary Test #1, and Intermediate Test #4

Note: The All tests are in a 40 X 80 area.



Entry Fee: $60    *(62.10 online pay)


Food on Site: Lunch(es) for Saturday may be ordered on the entry form for $8 each   *($8.24 each online pay)


Stabling: Overnight stabling is available @ $10 per stall per night (Fri. night includes Sat. day) or day only, if availability remains. It is possible to stay over Sat. night if desired.   *($10.30 per stall per night online pay)



Safety CheckList Form (pdf)  DOWNLOAD            


PDF Entry Form for download and mailing       

Link to an Online Enter - Pay by Check Form (available 8/15/20)


Link to an Online Enter AND Online Pay Form (available 8/15/20)

Cones Map and Obstacle Diagrams will be available for download here approximately one week prior to the Event.