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October 28-29 at Horseshoe Park Equestrian Center, Queen CreekAZ


Time is running out to be a Class Sponsor for the Festival of Driving Show. AS of  10/19, only 12 of 51 classes have a sponsor. Deadline for inclusion in the Show Program is 10/20! Please use the "Online Form" below to make a donation, sponsor a show Division or Class, or advertise in the Show Program to help support this event. As class and division sponsorships are received, they will be noted on the event web page. Check there to see what remains to be sponsored.


Sponsors and Donors will have their name or business listed in the Show Program and announced during the show, and Division and Class Sponsors's names will be listed with the Show Results. 

Advertiser's display ads will be included in the Show Program and will also be posted on the "Show Results" page on the ADCS club website for the next year. 10/20 is also the deadline for receiving advertising and at this point; you need to have it in digital form and email it to the address below after submitting the online form. Please try to use 300 dpi for best results. Ad not made yet? We can make it for you. Let us know the size and text, logo or graphic to include, and a general design. See the Form for the various ad sizes.  Link to Submission email for Display ads and Business cards. NOTE: DO NOT MAIL ADS, THEY NOW NEED TO BE EMAILED.


Please be sure the payment amount, once you are redirected to PayPal, matches the total on the Submit Button. If it does not, cancel your payment and contact us with details. Your Sponsor Form will have been submitted to us when you hit the submit button, and you will just need to be able to process a payment. You can go to "Donate" in the main menu and use the General Donation Online Form to try your payment again, if the first try was unsuccessful. When payment has been successful, you should receive a receipt from PayPal. Note: Paypal keeps track on how many direct debit or credit card payments you make online through them, at any sites, and limits that to an unknown number. Once exceeded, it will no longer work with that card. Try signing up for a PayPal account and link that to a credit card.

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