New T-shirt design for the Pleasure Show WANTED.

Your ideas need to be submitted by late August or early September, to have time to order & make the shirts. We would like to offer the newly designed shirt on the entry form for Pre-purchase (with colors/sizes) for the event. We hope to have that entry form out before mid September.


Designs need to be at least a 300 dpi/jpeg file or other similar high resolution file that the shop can use. Please do not incorporate the date/year, although if you do so, a date at the bottom of the design can be taped out of the printing screen after printing off the pre orders. That would allow for producing extra shirts for sale at the event (without the year) that can be used another time if any are left over.


Larger, single-color designs, centered on the front of the shirt, are preferred. Send your design(s) to either the club secretary or the webmaster. See prior year design samples below, as well as several different views of the club logo, should someone want to use that in a design.

This is the most recent design, used the past two years. One year it was small, located on the left breast area. The next year it was large and centered on the front. This design used elements (found online by searching for "hat," whip,"driving horse" and etc.) and then combining them using a draw program or other application and adding the text and border.

This was a previous T-shirt design. 3 separate photos from our own driving events were used. The backgrounds were removed, and then using a photo editing program, the photos were combined into one photo, which was then inserted into another program (Appleworks draw) to add the borders and text.

Below are several versions of our Club Logo, should someone want to use it in a design.  If you save the image (download it) to your computer, it will not be high resolution. The website editing program reduces the file size automatically.  But you can contact the webmaster via the link above, and a copy of the one you wish to use can be emailed to you. The higher the pixels and greater the dimensions, the better the result if the image is inserted into a design. The print shop likes at least a 300 dpi image. 

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3 

Logo 4