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Revised 09/08/2023

Sorry about the changes, but the facility has made recent policy changes we have only just received.



This is new as of today (9/8/23) Any parking in this area is RESERVED ONLY. If overnighting, you need to reserve your RV space prior to the show. If you wish to park your horse trailer near the Barns on that north side, you must also reserve a space. Realize, those spaces are limited in number, so if you want a spot there, reserve early. You will still be able to unload your horse and equipment by the barn, but will then have to move your trailer to the overflow lot (which is not very far away), unless you reserve a trailer spot by the barn. Those trailering in each day and showing from their trailer can also reserve a spot by the barn if they desire. 


Reservations for both the RV spaces and the trailer parking spaces by the barn are made directly with Horseshoe Park. See the Prize List for phone number and email address. Fees are involved, and you pay them directly via credit card. RV spots are $35 a night and we believe the reserved parking by the barn will be $15 a day. For those trailering in each day, the reserved parking fee would be in addition to the show from trailer fee. For anyone not reserving a spot by the barn, we are supposed to have the southern most row of parking spaces in the overflow lot.


Due to other events taking place at this venue at the same time we are there, some information is needed to pass on to those planning to come in on Friday after 12:00 noon (please avoid arriving earlier, as the office will not open until noon, and the barns are closed until that time as well) or early Saturday morning.


The events are a Cowboy Church from 4:00 to 8:pm on Friday (could be up to 5000 in attendance), and a Barrel Race from 6:30-7 am to approx. noon or 1:00 pm on Saturday morning with over 100 expected.


All the "other" activity will be on the eastern half of the facility, but our parking could be affected. It is highly recommended that those stabling and coming in Friday arrive between 12:00 noon and 3 pm., before folks start arriving for the church service. The trailer overflow parking area should be free of vehicles between those hours. If arrival is after 3:00 pm, expect a lot of congestion and possible delays. If not arriving until early Sat. morning, you also should expect possible congestion. Many, if not all the barrel racers will also be parking in the trailer overflow lot.

If you have reserved an RV space for the show because you have a living quarters horse trailer (remember you do that directly with the venue) that space will be blocked off for you-they will have sent you an email with your site number.

For those trailering in and showing from your trailer: If you plan to come over Friday to practice, we highly recommend you do so before 3:00 pm when things will begin to get hectic. Plan on parking in the trailer overflow area, which is indicated on the venue's web site location/site map  (link on our the event web page). On show days, either park in the overflow area, or reserve and pay for a space by the barn.


Good news: We will have the place to ourselves Sat. afternoon and all day Sunday.

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