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Background: At various times, ADCS members have achieved the ability or recognition sufficient to qualify or be asked to participate in National or International level competitions or carriage events. Since these events or activities often require a financial participation or expense that is significant, and since all ADCS members are not of an equal ability to fully afford this participation, a club scholarship program was created to help offset the costs of these events.



This program is open to all ADCS members in good standing. The qualifying event must be of a National or International scale where entry is limited to persons achieving a designated level of qualification or where entry is by invitation only.


The purpose of the scholarship is to assist in the financial burden participating in such events brings. It is not to reimburse the total expenses, but to reimburse all or a portion of entry fees or other required costs of participation. It is not intended to reimburse travel, hauling, feed, motel, food or other such costs of the event.

Procedure for Participation:

Persons receiving a scholarship shall have participated in a qualifying event and have a previously approved scholarship for reimbursement of the specified fees or costs. Scholarships funds shall not be dispersed prior to the event.

     + An application letter shall be submitted prior to the event designating the name and location of the event, entry fees or other special costs associated with it. If the event is not listed in the ADS Omnibus, documentation of the event and costs associated with it shall be submitted with the application. The application must be submitted to the ADCS President at least six weeks prior to the event.

     + The Board shall review the application at a regularly scheduled meeting, open to all ADCS members. The Board will approve or reject the application and if approved, shall designate the amount of the award.

     + Upon return from the event, the applicant shall submit to the Treasurer receipts for the approved expenses and he shall issue a check in the amount of the Scholarship.

     + The Board, at its discretion, may award one or more scholarships annually or none. It is advised that since funds are limited annually, persons wishing to participate should get applications to the Board as early in the year as possible.

+ Following the event, each recipient of a scholarship shall submit to the Board a report on the event and their participation in it.


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