Activities and Events Sponsored by ADCS

March 27, 2021 

ADT #2 at Apache Junction   

Information page  This is a change from previously announced site of Dale Creek. Due to COVID concerns, NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED.

All day

Apache Junction

Rodeo Grounds

 May 15, 2021 

ADT #3 at Atonna's in Paulden 

Information page 

Judge: Lois Whittington
TD: Gary Gang.

All day

Paulden, AZ

October 16, 2021

ADT #4 at Black Canyon City

Information page when available.... 

All day

Black Canyon City, AZ

 November 6-7, 2021 

Festival of Driving Pleasure Show,

ADS Recognized  

Information page...

All day

West World, Scottsdale, AZ