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Get tuned up for the up coming show season with the Silly 6 Fun Show

April 6, 2024 at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds.


Practice your accuracy, co-ordination, one hand driving, and speed around obstacles. Help prepare you for the Chino Valley Pleasure Buckle Show the next day.


Entry Form available soon. Scroll down for other information about this venue and event or click here. Deadline for entry reception is March 23, 2024

PDF Entry Form for Mailing    Check back for online Enter/Pay Form.

Silly Six Game Description and Rules (Download Descriptions PDF) 

Game 1 – Run The Barrels

This is run 2 times.  Run the clover leaf barrel pattern.  You can choose any speed -Walk-Trot ONLY.  This game is timed.  2 second penalty for knocking over Barrel.  5 Second Penalty for wrong course.



Game 2 – Egg and Spoon

Carry egg in spoon around cones course.  You can Walk – trot ONLY.  This game is timed.  If you drop the egg, you are OUT.

                                     3                                                         2


                                   1                                                           4

Game 3 – Gamblers No  Choice

There will be 6 cone gates, numbered 1 thru 6.  Roll the dice 1-6 and what ever you roll is the course you have to take through the cones.  This event is timed ..if you miss your course, you are out.



Game 4 – Pole Bending

Follow traditional pole bending course.  Choose your Walk -Trot ONLY. Timed.






Game 5 – Balls in a Basket

There will be 6 baskets filled with different colored balls on a course.  Choose one color and pick that colored ball from each basket as you follow the course at Walk or Trot ONLY.  Reverse direction and put the balls back in the basket. Using the same gait.   Timed ..drop a ball 2 second penalty. 


Game 6 – Target Shoot 

Using the Velcro balls throw one ball at the each target.  Score is total of each ball where it lands on the target. 


Venue: Prescott Rodeo Grounds            840 Rodeo Dr., Prescott, AZ

  • To reserve a camping spot (dry or RV) you are asked to call the grounds 1 week prior: click link for phone number, then click open FaceTime app. - Cherye Jechura phone number

  • All manure is to be placed in the cement holding bins

  • All trash should be packed out or put into provided lined trash cans (bags to be put in dumpster at end of event)

  • do not bring shavings


Entry Fee: $65

Overnighting:  Stock pens @ $15 per night, not covered

Camping: Dry camping @ $15 per night  or  RV Hook-up @ $45 per night

Buckle Series Pleasure Driving Show #1 is the next day at Chino Valley. It is possible to stay over Saturday night if planning to go to that show.

Divisions:   VSE/Small Pony       Pony         Horse

More information added as received.

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