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Dear ADCS Members & Friends:


For many months, the ADCS Show Committee members have been planning the Festival of Driving Pleasure Show - 2021 at WestWorld Scottsdale. Each year, the Festival draws more great horses and competitors - and this year, we hope to keep the excitement rolling.

In an effort to help cover the show costs and expenses (facility rent, buy prizes, pay judge compensation and travel, and more…). We could really use some assistance.  I’m certain that many of you would love to help make our 2021 show a great success!


If each Club Member would buy a sponsorship, run an ad, or make a donation in ANY amount to the Festival, it would put us that much closer to the required budget goal.  Toward that end, if each of you would simply ask a few people: the farrier, your feed store, the grocer, auto shop, your neighbors, professional contacts, and your friends - - - if THEY would purchase a sponsorship or buy program advertising, we may just exceed the minimum amount of support to simply break-even on the Show! Remember, this year we are ADS Recognized!  Will you please help us out?


Just print the attached form and send in your donation, sponsorship, or advertisement.  Then take a couple of blank documents with you when you go out: to buy feed, get your nails done, hair styled, have lunch at your favorite little restaurant.  Just ask around and think outside the box.  Show them pictures of your horses on your phone, and show them images on the Club Website!  It’s easy and together, we can really get the job done with everyone helping out!


Thanks in advance. The ADCS is a great horse club, with talented drivers and really cool horses! We sure do appreciate any help so we can produce an awesome 2021 Festival of Pleasure Driving Show!


Happy Driving,

Barb Lunsmann

Festival Sponsor Chairman


Sponsors and Donors will have their name or business listed in the Show Program and announced during the show, and Division and Class Sponsors's names will be listed with the Show Results. 

Advertiser's display ads will be included in the Show Program and will also be posted on a "Supporter's page on the ADCS club website for the next year. 

Display ads and business cards can be emailed to the linked address if you have them in digital form. If you need to submit hard copies, we can scan them for you. If you scan them yourself, please try to use 300 dpi for best results. Ad not made yet? We can make it for you. Let us know the size and text, logo or graphic to include, and a general design. See the Form for the various ad sizes.  Link to Submission email and address for Display ads and Business cards.

Use the form below to mail in a donation, and/or sponsor a show Division or Class, and/or advertise in the Show Program to help support this event. Or use the Online Submit & Pay Form.


DONATE TO ADCS - General Form
We are a 501(c)(3) Organization. 82-4589102