Oct 30-31, 2020 Arizona Pleasure Driving Show

- 2021

DATES: November 6-7, 2021.



Postmark date for mailed entries just extended to Oct. 20. No late fee required now until the 21st for both mailed and online entries. All entries must be received by Oct. 30.

REQUESTING SPONSORS FOR CLASSES AND DIVISIONS NOW: Also accepting display ads and horse/carriage related advertising. Sponsor/Advertising Form available now. Deadline will be Oct. 22.

This is an ADS recognized event. ADS Membership is required, or submit a non-member form (link below when entry is posted) with your entry. Membership in the ADCS Club is not required as a result of ADS recognition.

WAIVERS REQUIRED: All persons entering this venue must submit this ADS Disclaimer and Hold Harmless Agreement. Please download the *form and save it to your device, with your last name and "disclaimer" in the file name. Open that file and read, then fill out the form, save it and then submit it. (Some pdf readers may let you use a signature to sign the form).

  • If doing an online entry, the Online Entry Form will allow you to upload the Disclaimer from your device to be submitted with your Entry.

  • Otherwise, please email the Disclaimer to Karen Austermiller, the Event Secretary. 

  • *If submitting the PDF Entry Form by mail, the Disclaimer is included on that form, with room for several in the party to sign.

  • Coming to spectate? You may also submit this waiver via email and avoid having to sign at the site, or bring your signed form with you to turn in.

Also required is the Arizona Driving and Carriage Society Release Form. The link will take you to the form that can be submitted online.

ENTRY OPENS: NOW OPEN. Prize List  See Prize List for all information related to this show. See below for how to Enter - by Mail or Online.

IF MAILING AN ENTRY, please download the appropriate forms and submit: (Best to download to your computer before printing, and some of the ADS forms can be filled out before you print them.)

  1. PDF Entry Form for mailing

  2. ADS Disclaimer/Hold Harmless Agreement, which is included on the entry form.

  3. The ADCS Pleasure Show Release (we forgot to add it to the entry form pdf) linked above -submit online

  4. Your ADS Member number on the entry form, or the Member Affidavit if you do not know your # OR the ADS Non-Member Credit Voucher Form

  5. Copies of Equine Coggins and required vaccinations (see below) and Health Certificate if coming from out of state, or have these with you to present when you check in

  6. Copy of ADS VSE/Pony measurement card, if you have one, or bring it with you. Those with a VSE or Pony who do not have the measurement card will be measured on site. More information to follow and those this applies to will be notified of the procedure. 

Note: Affidavit, Voucher Form, and ADS Membership Form are also included at the back of the Prize List

IF ENTERING/PAYING ONLINE: Go to Online Entry page.

ENTRY CLOSES: Mailed entries should be postmarked by Oct. 15, 2021. Postmark for early entry extended to Oct. 20. Online Early Entry closes Oct. 20th. After that, Late Entries, mailed or online, will be accepted (must be received) until Oct. 30 with a late fee of $30. Entries arriving near the 30th may not be included in the show Program. There will be NO entries accepted on site show date, but those pre-entered may add classes.

SILENT AUCTION AT THE EVENT - Donated items appreciated. Please see our Facebook page for information on how to send a picture of any donations for posting on that site. And visit the Silent Auction Album to see what will be up for grabs at the Saturday evening social at the event.


  • JUDGE: Craig Kellog, NC  PDJ "R" and PDTD "R"

  • Technical Delegate: Katy Rhinehart, NC  PDTD "r"


  • Negative Coggins Test within twelve months of Event 

  • Documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within the six months prior to entering the competition venue. (see ADS Rule Book for more detail and exceptions, and acceptable type of form of documentation - Article 6.3)

  • Out of state equine require a Health Certificate within thirty days of the event.


DIVISIONS AT THIS SHOW (Measurement Card required for all VSE and Ponies as per ADS; may be possible to be measured at the show. More information to follow.)

  • Single VSE - under 99 cm (under 39 inches)

  • Single Small Pony - 99 cm to under 120 cm (47 in. included, but 47 1/4 in. is not)

  • Single Large and Medium Pony, Pleasure Vehicle - 120 cm through 149 cm (58 2/3 inches)

  • Single Horse, Pleasure vehicle. (14.3 hands and above)

  • Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle, except any VSE or Small Pony in the Division

  • Utility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch  

  • Junior to Drive, any turnout 

Drafts are welcome to participate in the divisions above based on equine size and/or vehicle type. Turnout and gaits required would be the same as for others in the division.

CLASS LIST (order probably set, but could change). Download the Class List


1 Turnout Single Horse, Pleasure Vehicle

2 Turnout Single VSE

3 Turnout Single Lg & Med Pony, Pleasure Vehicle

4 Working Single Horse, Pleasure Vehicle

5 Working Single VSE

6 Working Single Lg & Med Pony, Pleasure Vehicle

7 Turnout Single Small Pony

8 Turnout Utility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch

9 Turnout Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle except VSE/Sm Pony- any size equine

10 Working Single Small Pony

11 Working Utility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch

12 Working Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle except VSE/Sm Pony - any size equine

13 Junior to Drive - Turnout

14 Gentlemen to Drive

15 Junior To Drive - Working

16 AARP – Horse/Med & Lg Pony, any hitch (driver + oldest horse age = 65 yrs. or more)

17 AARP VSE and Small Pony, any hitch (driver + oldest horse age = 65 yrs. or more)


18 Ladies to Drive

19 Maiden Driver Class, working, all hitches (Driver has never won a blue ribbon at a Pleasure Show)

20 Green Equine Class, working, all hitches.  (Horse has not previously shown in more than 1 Pleasure Show)

SHORT BREAK - to set cones course/walk course

21 Progressive Cones, Single VSE

22 Progressive Cones, Single Small Pony

23 Progressive Cones, Junior to Drive

24 Progressive Cones, Single Lg & Med Pony, Pleasure Vehicle

25 Progressive Cones, Single Horse, Pleasure Vehicle

26 Progressive Cones, Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle except VSE/Sm Pony, any size equine

27 Progressive Cones, Utility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch


28 Antique Carriage Class

29 Red Hat Class

30 Carriage Dog Class (due to facility rules, dogs must be in the carriage and not running on the ground)

31 Junior to Drive - Reinsmanship

32 Reinsmanship Single Horse, Pleasure Vehicle

33 Reinsmanship Single VSE

34 Reinsmanship Single Lg & Med Pony, Pleasure Vehicle

35 Reinsmanship Single Small Pony

36 Reinsmanship Utility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch

37 Reinsmanship Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle except VSE/Sm Pony - any size equine

LUNCH BREAK - Set Cones Course/Walk Cones

38 Fault and Out Single VSE

39 Fault and Out Single Small Pony

40 Fault and Out Junior to Drive

41 Fault and Out Single Lg & Med Pony, Pleasure Vehicle

42 Fault and Out Single Horse, Pleasure Vehicle

43 Fault and Out Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle except VSE/Sm Pony - any size equine

44 Fault and Out Utility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch

RESET COURSE - break to walk course

45 Reverse Psychology Single VSE

46 Reverse Psychology Single Small Pony

47 Reverse Psychology Single Lg & Med Pony, Pleasure Vehicle

48 Reverse Psychology Single Horse, Pleasure Vehicle

49 Reverse Psychology Pairs/Multiples, Pleasure Vehicle except VSE/Sm Pony - any size equine

50 Reverse PsychologyUtility/Marathon Vehicle, any hitch

Classes to count in Divisions for Championship (Reinsmanship class is the tie breaker):

In Single VSE, Single Small Pony, Single Lg & Med Pony,

Single Horse, Pairs/Multiples, and Utility/Marathon Vehicle

Divisions - 6 Classes count (show in at least 5 to qualify, must include

Reinsmanship): Turnout, Working, Reinsmanship,

Progressive Cones, Fault and Out, Reverse Psychology


Juniors to Drive Division - 5 Classes count (show in at least 4 to qualify,

must include Reinsmanship): Turnout, Working,

Reinsmanship, Progressive Cones, Fault and Out

FOOD ON SITE: We do not think there will be any vendors near our show for food or drinks. So plan to bring your own, or leave the grounds to visit nearby establishments. There will be a Dressage Show in another section of the venue, and they may or may not have some vendors.

STABLING: Available on the grounds and close to our Show Ring. Pricing will be included on the Entry Form. Box stalls. Bedding required in any horse stalls, and must be purchased on site, with direct payment to the providers. You may not bring your own shavings. Can be purchased in advance and will be delivered to your stall prior to the show. Tack stalls also available.

CAMPING ON GROUNDS: Available at the facility, and includes water and power. Reserve in advance through the RV office. Phone number 480-312-6802. Payment for camping is made to the facility.


Ann Kosin wins the Carriage Dog Class

in 2018 and 2019 AND 2020!!