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We are offering a darby at the Atonna’s the day before the Pleasure Show at the Chino Valley Equestrian Center. The darby would be on Saturday afternoon, the show on Sunday.


Here is what we do:

     + It is a Jackpot event. In this case, half of all entry fees will split among the winners of each class. (The other half go to the hosts expenses)


     + The course consists of a combination of gates in two hazards and gates in a short cones course set up for the event.


     + The cones settings will be the same for each class.

                         Cones spacings:

                         180cm - minis

                         200cm - multiples, horses and ponies

     + Here is how it works:

         + From a start/finish gate

         + The competitor goes through gates 1 - 4 in a cones course

         + Following gate 4, he goes to through the in/out gate for the first hazard with three gates (A,B,C), then the in/out gate

         + He then returns and does cones gates 4 - 8

         + Following gate 8 he goes to the in/out gate for the second hazard with three gates (A,B,C), then through the in/out gate

         + He returns to do gates 9 - 12 in cones

         + Then to the finish gate


     + It is a timed/penalties event. In other words, the total time on course will be converted into penalties, the same as for cones, ie 2 points for each                 total second on course. Then added to those will be a penalty of 3 points for each ball down and 5 points for each error of course in the hazard -                 including failure to go through the in/out gate going in and going out. No Cantering allowed.


     + Points are totaled and the prize awarded for each class

         + VSE

         + Pony

         + Horse

         + all Multiples 

         OTHER FILES FOR THIS EVENT:  Entry Form       Grounds Map        Chino Meadows Obstacle      Fort Atonna Obstacle     Cones Course

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